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Productive and competitive Pakistan

To strengthen the national capacity in productivity, quality and competitiveness for sustainable socio economic development.

1. Strong sense of accountability
2. Positive work ethics
3. Honesty, dignity and mutual respect
4. Team work
5. Continuous learning
6. Transparency and impartiality
7. Safe and environment friendly

1. To inculcate productivity consciousness through promotion of productivity concept at macro and micro levels of economy,
2. To measure, evaluate and improve productivity of various sectors of the economy.
3. To set up information collection databases and dissemination systems on all facets of economy.
4. To propagate productivity as an evolving concept, including attention to special issues and concerns relating to quality, environment, energy, integrated rural and community development.
5. To train and educate management and supervisory personnel in industrial, commercial and service organizations of the public and private sectors in the techniques and process of modem management and accordingly award certificate or diploma with the permission of relevant authorities, if required.
6. To assist Govt. organizations and private undertakings in their efforts to improve productivity, establish performance standards, and determine rational monetary compensation system and to establish productivity Wage Board.
7. To increase efficiency in business management and industrial operations, by providing management consultancy and technical assistance to local industries of various sectors, especially small-and medium industries.
8. To act as the integrated focal point of all national as well as International organizations engaged in productivity drive specially Asian Productivity Organization (APO)
9. To formulate strategic plans to sustain the growth of the productivity movement and to monitor it movement thereafter.
10. To undertake research into problems of management and productivity improvements as they occur and to disseminate the results of such research.11
11 To carry out research in productivity and quality (P & Q) various sectors of economy, establish productivity indices for industries and to provide and disseminate information on P & Q indicators and case studies at industry, sector and national levels to Govt. as input for policy formulation and planning lo enhance P& Q growth.
12. To disseminate P & Q literature, organize conventions, surveys, seminars and workshops as well as administer quality management awards.
13. To undertake, support and subsidies measures, programmers plans and schemes, for environment development and planning, prevention of pollution and industrial wastage.
14. To advance money or give credit, either with or without security, to such persons or companies and on such terms as may seems expedient and in particular where the same is desirable in and with the interest of the company to persons or companies having dealings the company and to guarantee the performance of any contract or obligation and the payment of money to or by any person or company and in generally to give guarantees and indemnities with connection the objects of the company, (provided that the company shall not indulge in the banking business /micro credit financing)
15. To amalgamate with any other association or company having objects all together or in parts similar to those of the company.

  • Asian Productivity Organization (APO) was established in 1961 under a Convention, with an objective to increase productivity & Quality in the countries of Asia and Pacific region through mutual cooperation.
  • Pakistan was one of the eight founding members of APO.
  • Separate NPO-Pakistan office was established at Islamabad in June 2001
  • NPO has been incorporated as non profit company in 2006