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NPO is developing critical mass in Pakistan, whereby prime objective is to utilize services of professionals who would like to act as a catalyst in promoting productivity in the manufacturing, services and agriculture sectors as a professional trainer and consultant.  Download NRT / NRC ToR    and   Membership form

Pakistan’s biggest industrial challenge today is to inculcate catalysts at vital industrial points that leaves long lasting effect on overall industrial and corporate productivity. The crux is that NPO is developing a pool of talented, experienced and qualified trainers/consultants/auditors who are willing to participate in the productivity drive in Pakistan to bring change in Pakistan. They will be instrumental in creating productivity, quality innovative culture at large. These catalysts will serves as guides and a source of knowledge for all.


With a philosophy of adding continuous value to quality productivity across Pakistan’s industry, NPO has launched the schemes of National Register for Trainers (NRT), National Register for Consultants (NRC). Through these schemes, NPO intends to utilize the capabilities of available professional trainers and consultants to address the training and consulting needs of the country by offering services to increase productivity in all facets of the economy. Therefore, this scheme will introduce pool of professionals related to the field of training, consultancy and auditing.

NPO defines two tiers under this scheme. They are briefly explained below;  

National Register for Trainers (NRT) Scheme

The National Register for Trainers (NRT) is a scheme that promotes a pool of professional’s that are expert in “Productivity, Quality and other management topics” and can play a dynamic and proactive role in manufacturing, service andagriculture sectors of Pakistan as a “Professional Trainer/Resource Person”. With these qualified trainers in the pool, NPO aims to capitalize its wide industrial network and utilize the services of trainers to deliver training sessions across the country.

National Register for Consultants (NRC) Scheme

The National Register for Consultants (NRC) is a pool of professional resources that has experience and skills in the field of consultancy. The objective of this scheme is to develop a pool of “Management Consultants” having qualified individuals and associates on board, who can act as change agents by exploiting their knowledge, know-how, competencies and proficiency practically in multiple industries through the implementation of quality and productivity management tools & techniques. This scheme will also provide an opportunity to professional consultants to grow with NPO by following various levels of consultant career path from provisional to associate to lead consultant. This will also help industry to find the best resource suited to their needs from a single source of pool.