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Federal Minister, MoIP Rana Tanveer Hussain
Federal Minister for Industries & Production Division Read more
Federal Secretary, MoIPMr. Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry
Federal Secretary,
Ministry of Industries & Production Read more
CEO NPOMr. Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry
Chief Executive Officer,
National Productivity Organization Read more
"United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan"

National Productivity Organization

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NPO and APO Collaborate to Enhance Pakistan's Gemstone Industry through International Standards... More »


One day workshop on the theme of APO Vision 2025, Inclusive, Innovation - Led Productivity Growth in the Asia- Pacific Organized by NPO Pakistan and APO Japan at Islamabad.... More »

Join NPO Pakistan APO Vision 2025 photo contest with the theme “Innovation for Higher Productivity” to showcase your organization’s innovation efforts.... More »

NPO Pakistan & APO Japan organized a dissemination conference on development of demonstration companies on Productivity Enhancement through Chemical Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems... More »

NPO Pakistan in collaboration with APO Japan developed demonstration companies on "Application of Kaizen in Micro Hydropower Turbine Manufacturing"... More »

Upcoming Programs

National Training Programs:

Cost of Quality, 27-May-2024, Online... More »

International ACCORD For Health & Safety in The Textile and Garment Industry, 28-May-2024, Online... More »

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
(For Productivity Improvement in Food Sector), 28-May-2024, Online... More »

Certificate in Portfolio Management Professional, 30-May-2024, Online... More »

Roles of SDGs in Sustainable Industrial Practices, 30-May-2024, Online... More »

Circular Economy Techniques for Cost Effective Sustainable Industrial Production, 04-Jun-2024, Online... More »

Industrial Safety and Emergency Preparedness, 05-Jun-2024, Online... More »

One-Minute Management: Efficient Leadership in a Flash, 06-Jun-2024, Online... More »

Leading with Integrity: Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, 12-Jun-2024, Online... More »

Carban Footprint and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), 13-Jun-2024, Online... More »

NPO Certified 3 Months Professional Development Programs (Distance Learning Batch-17), 05-Jul-2024, Online... More »

International Training Programs:

Enhancement Support for SMEs and Productivity Improvement (Pakistan based), implementing by APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-SN-02-GE-TES-C: Technical Expert Services (TES)...More »

24-RC-24-GE-RES-A: Research on Government Rightsizing and Restructuring to Improve Bureaucratic Efficiency in APO Member Economies, by APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-RC-09-GE-RES-A: Research on Productivity Analysis Series by APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-SN-01-GE-OSM-C: Individual-country Observational Study Missions(IOSM)...More »

24-SN-04-GE-DMP-C: Development of Demonstration Companies (DMP)...More »

24-RC-22-GE-RES-B: Research on Research on Crowdsourcing for the Public Sector, by APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-RC-25-GE-RES-B: Research on Productivity Gainsharing Best Practices in the Agrifood Sector (Pakistan based), implementing by APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-RC-12-GE-RES-A: Research on Economic Upgrading Strategies and Productivity Growth (Pakistan based), implementing by APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-IP-15-GE-TRC-A: Training Course on Nurturing Creative Industries by Vietnam and APO, Japan...More »

24-IP-07-GE-WSP-A: Workshop on Innovations in Public Service Delivery by Republic of Korea and APO, Japan...More »

24-IP-20-GE-TRC-ATraining Course on Gamification and Game Design for Customers and Employee Engagement by (ROC) Taiwan and APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-CP-27-GE-WSP-A: Workshop on Digital Communications Strategy for the Public Sector by Republic of China and APO, Japan...More »

24-CP-37-GE-TRC-A-Training Course on Green Productivity by Pakistan and APO Secretariat, Japan...More »

24-IP-23-GE-OSM-A: Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Implementing the Sufficiency Economy Theory to Sustain Community Development...More »

24-IP-22-GE-WSP-A: Workshop on Development of Rural Economies through Smart Villages...More »

24-IP-02-GE-CON-A: Conference on Open Innovation in the Public Sector...More »

24-IP-27-GE-WSP-A: Workshop on the Role of Intellectual Property in Sustainable Innovation and Economic Growth...More »

24-IP-01-GE-TRC-A: Training Course on Good Regulatory Practices by Philippines and APO, Japan...More »

National Productivity Organization (NPO) is the sole Government body undertaking PRODUCTIVITY with QUALITY INITIATIVES in Pakistan. NPO promotes enhancement of productivity culture in Public and Private sector Organization by providing training, seminars, workshops, consultancy, release of index surveys, qualification certification, promotion of a comprehensive understanding of energy and the environment, research on productivity.

NPO Pakistan presently operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Industries & Production(MoI&P), Government of Pakistan and has established research and resource institution working with the support of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Tokyo-Japan. NPO is also working as a Liaison Office of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) which represents 21 Asian Countries with the mandate to promote productivity and quality consciousness among the public and private sector organization. read more »


The 65th Session of the APO Governing Body (GBM) in Ulaanbaatar included a certificate conferment ceremony marking the accreditation of the Productivity Certification Body of Pakistan (PCBP) on 24 May. The PCBP is the fourth CB among APO members to demonstrate compliance with the APO Accreditation Body (AB) standards for accrediting productivity specialists....More

Productivity Certification Body of Pakistan (PCBP)