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Productivity Association of Pakistan

National Productivity Organization, in order to strengthen its networking with public and private sector organizations, launched Productivity Association of Pakistan (PAP) on April 25th 2009 at Islamabad. PAP mandate is to offer effective support and build strong and continuous linkages between the association members and provide a platform for the exchange of information, knowledge, sharing of best practices and understanding of issues that are of strategic importance to research and development.

NPO mission is to lead Productivity movement in Pakistan. Our focus is to take initiatives and implement programs that inculcate Productivity & Quality culture in Pakistan. APO organizes about 100 projects annually. On average more than 1500 participants overall attend these programs. Most of the APO member countries like Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Srilanka and India have undertaken initiatives regarding productivity movement by bringing together their participants through networking under APO Alumni. All these Alumni's are working successfully in their respective countries.