Tentative Training Schedule

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Title Category Venue Start Date End Date Deadline Course Status Download Apply Online
International Workshop on Value Added Agriculture International Workshop Islamabad 18-Nov-2019 22-Nov-2019 21-Oct-2019 Confirmed Brochure Apply
Junior Management Course P & Q Training Islamabad 18-Nov-2019 22-Nov-2019 17-Nov-2019 Confirmed Brochure Apply
QMS/Lead Auditor P & Q Training Islamabad 20-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2019 To be Confirmed
Change Management General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 28-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 To be Confirmed
Energy auditing Techniques Energy & Environments Islamabad 12-Dec-2019 12-Dec-2019 To be Confirmed
Health and Safety Laws at workplace General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 19-Dec-2019 19-Dec-2019 To be Confirmed
Time & Stress Management General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 15-Jan-2020 15-Jan-2020 To be Confirmed
Safety at Work Place P & Q Training Islamabad 22-Jan-2020 22-Jan-2020 To be Confirmed
Effective Communication Skills General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 30-Jan-2020 30-Jan-2020 To be Confirmed
Leading Your Team General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 18-Feb-2020 18-Feb-2020 To be Confirmed
Quality Management System P & Q Training Islamabad 25-Feb-2020 25-Feb-2020 To be Confirmed
Interpersonal Skills General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 27-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 To be Confirmed
Introduction to Six Sigma P & Q Training Islamabad 11-Mar-2020 11-Mar-2020 To be Confirmed
5S Implementation P & Q Training Islamabad 18-Mar-2020 19-Mar-2020 To be Confirmed
Effective leadership Skills General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 31-Mar-2020 31-Mar-2020 To be Confirmed
Productivity in Sales Services P & Q Training Islamabad 14-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 To be Confirmed
Becoming More Effective Manager General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 22-Apr-2020 22-Apr-2020 To be Confirmed
Customer Care General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 11-Jun-2020 11-Jun-2020 To be Confirmed
Mastering Administrative Skills General Trainings/ Workshops Islamabad 18-Jun-2020 18-Jun-2020 To be Confirmed
Effective Supply Chain Management P & Q Training Islamabad 29-Jun-2020 30-Jun-2020 To be Confirmed

National Training Programs

The success of your organization is the focus of NPO trainings. A step-by-step approach breaks down complicated topics into concepts that are easy to understand and implement. Our interactive learning environment reduces the learning curve by including break-out session, videos and teamwork. As a result, participants are able to apply their new skills to their work effectively.

NPO employs a team of highly skilled professional instructors to ensure effective training. Besides possessing strong teaching and mentoring skills, they have practical experience in a broad range of industries. They motivate, encourage and take genuine interest in you and your organization.

NPO maintains National Register for Trainers (NRT) consisting of more than 44 professional trainers for all acknowledged sectors. NPO training services are focusing on skilling the exsisting manpower in the country.