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DepartmentName of OfficersDesignation
CEO Secretariat Mr. Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Akhtar Mehood ES to CEO
Mr. Zahid Khan Deputy Manager (Monitoring & Evaluation)
Administration, Support Services, Logistic Mr. Zahid Nawaz Khan Deputy Manager (Admin)
Mr. Faizan Elahi Management Associate (Admin)
Mr. Awais Anwar Management Trainee (Admin)
Mr. Zafar Iqbal Assistant (Admin)
Ms. Shireen Ashraf Khan Management Associate (Support Services Section)
Mr. Danish Data entry Assistant (Support Services Section)
Mr. M. Tahseen Saddiq Management Associate (Logistic Section)
APO Liaison Office Siraj Muhamamd Khan Assistant Manager
Syed Rashid Hassan Gillani Management Associate
Mr. Muhammad Sohaib Management Associate
Mrs. Iqra Ejaz Assistant
Business Development Services (BDS) Mr. Aftab Khan Masood Manager (Head)
Mr. Zia –ur-Rehman Assistant Manager
Mr. Iftikhar Ali Assistant Manager
Mr. Hammad Altaf Management Associate
Mr. Usman Hafeez Management Associate 
Mr. Faisal Shabbir Management Trainee
Management Information System (MIS) Mr. Muhammad Arshad Assistant Manager (MIS)
Special Initiatives Syed Salman Masood Deputy General Manager
Mrs. Noshaba Iftikhar Assistant Manager
HR Mr. Aziz Ahmad  Assistant Manager
Mr. Kaleem Ullah Management Associate
Finance and Corporate Affairs  Mr. Waheed Ahmad Company Secretary
Deputy Manager (Head Finance)
Mr. Azhar Khan Assistant Manager
Mr. Talat Mahmood Assistant Manager
Mr. Mr. Javed Iqbal Management Associate
Muhammad Moghiz Farooq Management Trainee
Internal Auditor Mr. M. Abdur Rauf Khan Niazi Assistant Manager
Regional Office Karachi Mr. Muazam Ali Ghumro Assistant Manager (In-Charge)
Syed Arslan Tirmizi Management Associate
Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Management Associate
Regional Office Peshawar Mr. Wasi Ullah Management trainee (In-Charge)
Regional Office Lahore Miss. Rabia Jamil Manager (Head)
Mr. Sajeel Sadique Deputy Manager
Sub Office Multan Mr. Ali Ihsan Assistant Manager (In-Charge)
Mr. Sadar ud Gallani Management Associate
Miss. Shumaila Rana Management Associate
Sub Office Faisalabad Mr. Abdul Qayoom Deputy Manager (In-Charge)
Mr.  Muhammad Asif Management Associate