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  • APO's Diamond Jubilee celebration, a tribute to 60 years of productivity journey in Asia, commence on 21st January 2021, showcasing productivity as key enabler for the region - past, present, and future.


    Islamabad: The Tokyo-based Asian Productivity Organization (APO) commences its Diamond Jubilee through a virtual launch on 21 January 2021, 14:00 Japan Time.

    Pakistan being one of the eight founding members will also host an APO 60th anniversary commemorative event in July 2021. All the events consist of international conferences, forums, and concurrent side programs and will produce anniversary publications, and videos. Several declarations and statements will be aimed as the outputs of the programs.

    The launch marks the beginning of a year-long tribute to the 60-year productivity journey in Asia, showcasing productivity as a key enabler for the Asia-Pacific region, past, present, and future.

    Ministers/senior officials from Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Pakistan are to convey congratulatory messages during the ceremony. Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Xuan Dinh, Vietnam, and Chair of the APO, will salute the organization while emphasizing the power of digital technology and digital learning.

    Honorable Federal Minister for Industries and Production Mr. Muhammad Hammad Azhar has also conveyed his congratulatory Video Message for diamond Jubilee celebrations of APO, which is included in the program of the virtual launching event on January 21, 2021 and will be uploaded on YouTube and for use in other commemorative events of the APO in which public viewing of the message will take place all across the world.

    By implementing the commemorative events, among others, the APO can increase the visibility and activities, strengthen partnership with other international organizations, expand support and services in MCs, create the new productivity initiatives, and revitalize regional productivity community and APO Alumni networks.

    Remarks by Assistant Minister Atsushi Ueno, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the host country of the APO Secretariat, will acknowledge the APO as one of the strongest bonds between Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, describing that network among members as a “precious asset” for Japan.

    The launch will also feature insights and reminiscences from seasoned productivity champions. Fiji’s Minister for Infrastructure and Meteorological Services and Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Jone Usamate, who served for more than 10 years as the country’s leading productivity authority, will describe the tremendous impact of the APO, especially the concept of Green Productivity combining productivity enhancement with sustainability and resilience.

    The launch will formally activate the APO Vision 2025, the aspirational strategic directions to achieve inclusive, innovation-led productivity growth over the next five years.

    Reflecting on the occasion, APO Secretary-General AKP Mochtan conveys that longevity is a blessing, but the relevance and achievements so far are not to be taken for granted. He is confident that the long history accords the APO the wisdom and foresights to forge ahead to a more productive future.

    The launch ceremony is open to the public through the following YouTube link:
    Click here to watch

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