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  • NPO intends to support govt's initiative of promoting olive industry, by providing access to the technical services of Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo, Japan


    National Productivity Organization (NPO) plays an active role in enhancing productivity and improved competitiveness. NPO support the Government initiative of Strengthening the business of olive industry across the country.

    The key aims of the initiative of the government which particularly aim for controlling soil erosion in parched lands, promoting soil conservation, increasing tree cover in drought-hit and most prominently to boost production of olive on local basis to offset local climate change impacts as well as reduce burden of edible oil import bill on the National exchequer. 

    NPO after doing its detail work on involving expert from the APO member countries who could help in identifying the value chain gaps of the low productivity and therefore especially prioritized to involve the expert from turkey which is known for the best olive cultivation across the globe as the industrial Sector in Pakistan are getting uncompetitive and to give support to the import influx value chain involvement of the foreign expert and best practices carried out in the Asia Pacific region is call of the day.

    In this instance a collaboration meeting was held between Mr. Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry Chief Executive Officer, National Productivity Organization, Ministry of Industries and Production with Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Dogar, Director BARANI agriculture research institute Chakwal along with his team.

    In the meeting different aspect of international support/assistance was offered by Chief Executive Officer, NPO to Director BARANI which could be provided for achieving optimal results in promoting olive industry in Pakistan.

    The international assistance, to strengthen the value chain of olive industry to make it competitive, from different APO member countries like turkey, Malaysia, Japan and many others could be provided in shape of technical expert services, bilateral cooperation between member countries and through DEMO projects.

    It was mutually agreed that involvement of expert from turkey could benefit the programme as the country is so much advance in the cultivation of olive trees and by adopting their best practices could help in boosting the initiative of the Prime Minister.

    It was further agreed that through APO’s BCBN platform the cultivation aspect and technological advancement could be further visualized by a combine team of NPO and BARANI through a visit to Turkey that the already provided platform of BCBN could be ideally utilized without having any burden on the government exchequer for taking maximum benefit in achieving optimal results for the very visionary initiative of the Government of Pakistan.

    The DEMO projects idea was also appreciated and it was decided that regional DEMO projects could be plucked in for having a diversified impact on the olive industry including cultivation of the olive trees across the country and especially potohar region.


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