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  • A delegation of Leather Industry headed by Chief Executive Officer, visited Indonesia under the APO Individual-country Observational Study Mission (IOSM) program.


    A 11 member’s delegation headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), National Productivity organization (NPO) Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry visited Indonesia for the Promotion of Green Productivity and Sustainable Economic Growth of Pakistani Leather Sector.

    The delegation was comprising of leather manufacturers (tanners), representative of leather garments and footwear, industrial trade bodies. The delegation is arranged by NPO Pakistan in collaboration with WWF Pakistan through APO Japan assistance. The visit was sponsored by APO Japan along with partial funding from WWF Pakistan.

    The representatives of trade Associations, Sialkot Tannery Association (Guarantee) Limited (STGAL), Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PLGMEA) and Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PGMEA) comprising the delegation promoted better links and communication in Indonesia and exchanged information on new techniques and technologies in leather tanning.

    Leather sector is one the most important export sectors of Pakistan. The overall Pakistan leather sector's exports are stagnant as the leather tanneries mostly rely on conventional processes and technologies leading to lower productivity, mediocre product quality and significant impact on ecosystem.

    After a comprehensive need analysis, the revival of this sector was targeted through implementation of best practices learned from the leaders in the leather sector.

    Leather industry in Indonesia is one of the biggest sectors which support Indonesian economy. Currently, Indonesia is in the sixth position in the world as an exporter of leather products, footwear and leather goods.

    In Indonesia leather tanning is carried out on European standards and eco-friendly advanced methods are adopted.

    Pakistan needs to learn from Indonesian leather model and benchmarks these aspects in order to promote our Leather and leather product exports of Pakistan, on modern lines.

    The knowledge and information gained from Indonesia will help our leather sector (tanners) benchmark models of productivity and resource management in the domain of input raw material, energy, water, waste and transforming layouts of local tanneries to international standards.


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