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  • One day workshop on the theme of APO Vision 2025, Inclusive, Innovation - Led Productivity Growth in the Asia- Pacific Organized by NPO Pakistan and APO Japan at Islamabad.


    Addressing this workshop, the speakers said that research and development, technology and skilled and innovated manpower are extremely important to increase economic productivity. The speaker stressed on productivity led economic growth in Pakistan and said that there is a need to increase productivity in the country's industrial sector. They said that Current Account Deficit in Pakistan is difficult to resolve without increasing export and foreign investment and to bring export and foreign investment, it is necessary to bring productivity in the country industrial sector.

    While addressing the audience, Senior Vice President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) Faad Waheed Sheikh said that technology and manpower can play an important role in the productivity of the country. He said that currently NPO has a very important role to increase productivity in Pakistan.  He said that cooperation between NPO and ICCI is very important in terms of productivity in Pakistan at this time. SVP, ICCI said that no sector of the country develops without innovation. He said that USA is an innovative country which has ruled the world on the basis of innovation. He said that there is a need to extend information technology to more sectors in the country, which can increase productivity in the country. Faad Waheed said that smart ideas are needed in the country, which will enhance economic productivity in the country and increase economic opportunities.  He said that automation of public and private sector in the country is necessary for economic productivity and innovation.

    While addressing the gathering, Dr. Ali Sajid, an expert in productivity, said that industrial and agricultural productivity is very important to strengthen the country's economy. He said that economic productivity is the main driver of sustainable economic development in the country. Ali Sajid said that the productive culture in the country needs to acquire a productive capacity in Industrial sector, which must be worked on by the NPO. He said that to increase innovation and productivity, we have to work at both academia and industry levels۔He said that Pakistan's industrial production ranking is currently lower than the regional countries including Iran and Vietnam.

    He said that political stability also comes from economic development, while politicians in our country talk about political stability first. He said that there is no concept of productivity without quality, therefore industrial and agricultural quality is essential. He said that the countries which are developed, including America and China, have created wealth only through innovation. Similarly, our regional countries developed agriculture by increasing innovation and productivity in agriculture and today Pakistan is importing food.

    He said that the reason for the lack of industrial productivity in Pakistan is that stakeholders are not consulted here. He said that the economic development of Korea, Japan and Vietnam is the main reason for innovation and productivity.

    On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer NPO Mr. Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary said that NPO working on bringing the productivity culture to market the country in global market. He said that we are starting to gain productivity in the country which is having a positive impact. He said we are currently working on Productivity drive and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, schools, colleges and universities. He assured the private sector of the country is in full cooperation and we are also working on the future vision.  He said that NPO is working on Productivity Vision 2025, which will increase industrial efficiency in the country۔

    On this occasion, General Manager NPO Pakistan Mr. Wajih Ahmed Abbasi said that our organization has been working on productivity under the banner of Ministry of Industry for several years. He said that there is a need for productivity culture in the country at this time۔

    On this occasion, President, Rawalpindi, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Riffat Shaheen said that the government has to take all the business community and stakeholders on board. She said that more work is needed for industrial productivity in the country.  She said that Rawalpindi Women Chamber is working together with NPO.

    Meanwhile on the occasion, Director National Science and Technology Park, Dr. Salman Naqvi said that “We are working on productivity and Innovation to growth in country and to promote technology”.

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