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    The 65th Session of the APO Governing Body (GBM) in Ulaanbaatar included a certificate conferment ceremony marking the accreditation of the Productivity Certification Body of Pakistan (PCBP) on 24 May. The PCBP is the fourth CB among APO members to demonstrate compliance with the APO Accreditation Body (AB) standards for accrediting productivity specialists

    APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra (R) presents the Certificate of Accreditation to Acting APO Director for Pakistan and PCBP Council Chair Muhammad Asif, Joint Secretary (A&F), Ministry of Industries and Production, Pakistan (L), with APO Chair Sheng-Hsiung Hsu (C) in attendance.


    Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry
    Chief Executive Officer - NPO Pakistan
    "I am delighted with the success of the NPO Pakistan in completing its CB development journey. It is fortunate that we are the first in South Asia and fourth of 21 APO members to gain accreditation as a CB of productivity specialists," stated NPO Chief Executive Officer M. Alamgir Chaudhry. “It was a long journey for the NPO Pakistan under the able guidance of Certification Council members. This milestone will boost the NPO’s objective of promoting a nationwide productivity culture by producing certified specialists for the benefit of Pakistan in particular and the Asia-Pacific region in the future,” he added.
    He extended gratitude to APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata for his support and congratulated the NPO team on its long-term efforts to achieve this milestone.

    Wajih Ahmed Abbasi
    PCBP Head of Certification
    "It is a proud moment for the PCBP, as the CB development project was a challenging and exciting project. We had to ensure that a system is established, operated, and maintained to comply with APO-AB standards," stated PCBP Head of Certification Wajih A. Abbasi. He acknowledged that it had been an interesting initiative as Pakistan had lacked productivity specialist certification authority in the past, and the accreditation of the PCBP had been possible with the unwavering commitment and support of the Technical Working Panel, assessors, APO experts, and remarkable efforts by the PCBP team.

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