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  • NPO to hold International Workshop on Performance Management of service-sector organizations


    Islamabad - National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industries & Production in collaboration with APO, JS Bank, NFML, PEEF and WCPS will be organizing International Seminar on Performance Management of service-sector organizations. This five day session will gather international participants from twenty different countries with an objective to address the challenges of conducting performance management in service sector organizations.

    The delegation will speak about different ways, new approaches and methodologies for performance management of service-sector organizations. The session aims to help understand the difficulties & challenges in conducting performance management by sharing case studies and evolve solutions for the effective use of performance management as a tool to enhance the productivity of service-sector organizations.

    The service is the mainstay of the economy in most APO members. Apart from public sector organizations, it also includes healthcase, education, retail, transport, tourist etc. which employ thousands of personnel. There has been increasing demand to improve productivity in service organizations in Pakistan, although this is challenging but NPO with the help of this session aims to offer some recommendations that can be turned into actions.

    Former CEO-NPO while speaking about the session said that Performance management is one of the effective tools that can be applied to achieve quantum leaps in the productivity of these organizations. Adding he said that it will lead to enhancing the quality of services, increasing stakeholder’s satisfaction, and improving the overall cost effectiveness and transparency of service organizations. In this workshop participants will exchange key elements of best practices , emerging trends, issues , challenges and implementation of performance management in service organization. The workshop participants are expected to apply performance management in their organizations upon their return and submit a report to the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), six months after completion of the program.

    The event begins on Monday here at local hotel. Local participants will also be present along with international delegations who will speak about issues that could cope up with the Performance Management problems, suggest innovative strategies and new approaches to investment in infrastructure, reforming institutions and building capacity

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