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  • Mr. Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf Shiekh, Former Federal Minister for Ministry of Industries & Production chaired 11th and 10th Board Meetings of NPO


    230413 Islamabad, Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf Shiekh, Former Federal Minister for Industries and Production, attend 11th ( May 16, 2013 ) and 10th ( April 23, 2013 ) meetings of the National Productivity Organization (NPO) Board of Directors. He said industrial units need to use energy efficient methods of production.

    NPO should play its role to familiarize the industry with the energy efficient methods of Production so that cost of Production can be reduced and energy can be saved as the energy is the one of the biggest issues country is currently facing. "Energy conservation is as important as the exploration new Resources of energy, our industry is badly suffers due to the energy shortage", he maintained.

    NPO Chief Executive Officer (Former CEO), Khawaja Muhammad Yousuf presented a detailed brief about the last five years performance, projects/trainings conducted by NPO and finances of the company and presented the agenda points of the meeting to the board.

    The Board set up two sub-committees on Human Resource Management and Budget under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Khizar Hayat Khan to prepare a frame work for the Human Resource and the Budget recommendations. These committees will present their reports in the next meeting of the Board of Directors. The Board also approved the vision and mission statements of NPO.

    The former minister desired that NPO should facilitate and educate the industry to enhance their productivity by providing training opportunities to the skilled and unskilled workers so that the traditional methods of production may be replaced by the modern techniques and innovations prevailing throughout the world. He said this initiative will help the industry to match the world standards and capture international markets.

    Zafar Mahmood, Federal Secretary for Industries, Qazi Ebadullah Khan CEO-EDB, Khawaja Muhammad Yousuf CEO-NPO, Khizer Hayat Additional Secretary Ministry of Industries, Muhammad Ali Vice President (FPCCI), Shafqat Baig Director All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, Roomana Tanvir Sheikh Director Maqbool Textile Mills Ltd., also attended the Board.

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