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  • Businessmen briefed about importance of Customer Care


    Islamabad, March 28, 2013 (PPI-OT): Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with International Finance Corporation of World Bank Group, National Productivity Organization, SME Business Support Fund and Management Development Institute organized a day-long seminar on Customer Care to educate the business community about the importance of dealing customers with proper care.

    Addressing the seminar, Mr. ZafarBakhtawari, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry stressed that in this age of intense competition, customer care was vital to any business to keep clients satisfied and convert them into loyal and long-term customers.

    He said business was a dignified profession as it was the profession of Prophets who earned great respect and dignity by dealing with customers with honesty and truth. He said to maintain the dignity of this profession, it was essential that businessmen should always follow the principle of honesty and integrity while dealing with their customers and never keep them in dark about the quality and standard of products.

    This way they would achieve better rewards in this world as well as in the Hereafter. Instead of focusing on profiteering, they should earn reasonable profit which was the best approach to keep customers satisfied and ensure sustainable growth in business.

    Mr. Asim A Faiz Chishti of International Finance Corporation, Khwaja Muhammad Yousaf Former CEO of National Productivity Organization, Mr. Asad Zaidi CEO of Management Development Institute and Mr. Arsalan Tauqir of SME Business Support Fund also addressed the seminar and stressed that businessmen could develop long term profitable relationship with their customers by taking better care of them. They said better customer care was important for achieving profit maximization in business.

    Detailed presentations were given at the occasion and businessmen were informed about the tools and techniques of better customer care. The event focused on business systems that lead to maximize customers’ satisfaction in a business.

    Main issues were also discussed about the challenges in entrepreneurship while SME Toolkit and other online tools related to business management process were also introduced that could be frequently used by a businessman.

    Mr. Asim Chishti said that IFC has developed Business Edge (BE) an International range of management training products and services to facilitate owners and managers of small and medium enterprises. BE was successfully being rolled out in several countries of Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia, where the SMEs were facing typical problems related to lack of capacity building.

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