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  • NPO and GRFC MOU Ceremony


    Pakistan is currently facing the intimidating resource constraints, rising energy crises specially and big gap in demand and supply. NPO has launched productivity movement in the country with the objective to enhance productivity with quality in all economic sectors to promote socio-economic development of the country.

    NPO is striving to play its part in improving the supply chain of industrial, agriculture and service sectors by capacity building of their staff so that they can achieve the objective to reduce the lead time and cost of the product or service and help their organizations become globally competitive.

    Supply Chain Management is primarily the flow of information which ensures the effective flow of materials throughout the value chain. In my view this chain extends from the suppliers to the producer/ organization and from the organization to the customers and have huge impact on the enterprise’s bottom line and customer’s satisfaction level. Therefore, supply chain management is the best tool for making a difference for any organization. If you want success in the business then you must improve your supply chain.

    In this context I appreciate the efforts made by the Global Research and Facilitation Council (GRFC) for organizing the Supply Chain Awards 2013 to promote the concept of supply chain and it's importance for Pakistani entrepreneurs.

    We are pleased to join hands with GRFC and looking forward to work together for productivity improvement in all economic sectors of Pakistan.

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