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  • International Conference on Expanding Business Excellence


    better market access through quality and food safety ISLAMABAD, Mar 31 (SABAH): National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industries in collaboration with APO (Asian Productivity Organization) inaugurated a three-day International Conference on Expanding Business Excellence on Tuesday.
    Participants from 18 different countries are attending this International program. The objective of this workshop is to understand the business excellence framework and the value of business excellence to organizations. During these three days experts will effectively identify and provide guidance on the use of relevant tools and techniques to improve, align or integrate management systems and processes of various organizations.

    CEO-NPO Sher Ayub Khan was the chief guest of the inauguration session. The other panel speakers included expert Dr. Robin Mann from Newzeland, Harnek Singh from Singapore & Ms. Yuen Wah Ku from Singapore. APO director Jun-Ho Kim was also present at the occasion and Ms. Rabia Jamil & Usman Adil being the main coordinator of the program.

    CEO-NPO Sher Ayub Khan while speaking to the audience said that Business Excellence is about strengthening the management systems and processes of an organization in a holistic and integrated manner using the criteria of an internationally aligned business excellence. He said that in past NPO has played very active role in bringing various stakeholders together in order to pool up ideas and minds leading to collective productive outcome.

    Dr. Robin Mann, who is Director at Centre for Organizational Excellence Research, Massey University said that the organization must take into account all product & service features and attributes that contribute value to customers. This leads to customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty and to positive referrals which can contribute to business expansion. Adding he said that Customer-driven excellence is also about understanding current and future customer & market needs and requirements. Customer-driven excellence is also about building customer relationship and measuring customer satisfaction.

    The workshop will facilitate organizations build internal and external partnerships for mutual benefits. This workshop will help organizations to achieve performance goals, boost operational effectiveness and establish new market opportunities. This workshop will be giving opportunity to share and exchange the information on and experience in the best practices Business Excellence adoption in the public & private sector. In the end a draft action plan will be designed which will be used to address Business Excellence of participant’s organizations respectively.

    Press Release:
    Pakistan Observer
    South Asian Broadcasting Agency
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