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  • 18th Board meeting of NPO was held on 15th October 2015, the meeting was attended by concerned Board of Directors and their representatives


    The following members attended the meeting:-

    i) Dr. Kamran Moosa Chairman Chief Executive, PIQC
    ii) Mr. Abdur Razzaq Gauhar Director/Member Chief Executive, Infinity Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore
    iii) Engr. Maqsood Pervaiz Director/Member Chief Executive, TKM Enterprises, Peshawar
    iv) Mr. M. Ibrahim Shah Director/Member Chief Executive, Sunehri Builders, Baluchistan
    v) Dr. Nadeem Amjad Director/Member Member NRD, Chairman, PARC
    vi) Mr. Arshad Ahmad Director/Member Sr. Joint Secretary / Financial Advisor (Industries/ Cabinet/ Foreign Affairs), Islamabad
    vii) Mr. Sher Ayub Khan Director/Member Additional Secretary MoIP
    viii) Mr. Amjad Shamim Company Secretary National Productivity Organization, Pakistan

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