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  • Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khattak has assumed the charge of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industries & Production, Government of Pakistan


    ceo A result-oriented socio-economic professional with over 25 years post qualification international experience in portfolio management, investment banking, credit negotiations, and productivity improvement via capital restructuring and rehabilitation of sick enterprises. Skilled in devising Investment Strategy, initiating and maintaining relationship with international banks and advising institutional clients across industries; and training, developing and leading teams of executives and managers. Worked-in and promoted a competitive environment of supporting long term goals with tough but achievable short term productivity benchmarks. Able to leverage on analytical and management capabilities thus optimizing returns for a 10 digit (Dirham) investment portfolio at Emirates Investment Bank invested globally across multiple industries.

    Based in Dubai as an Investment Banker and international consultant for more than two decades and worked on positions such as the Managing Director, Investments and Asset Management; Member, Board Investment Committee; Member, Bank Credit Committee; Director, Merit Int’l.; Member, Professionals Wing, and Member, Education and Welfare Committee, Pakistan Embassy UAE. The capital markets exposure ranged in a broad spectrum of industries and markets across the world; analysis of data releases from the world central banks/governments; policy impact on economies and its implications for portfolio investments. Most productive allocation of resources, augmented by human capital development, made the difference on performance to generate sustainable development. Diversified experience and expertise gained in global investments, rehabilitation of sick enterprises, and wining the buy-in of existing workforce on organizational change shall be passed on to the young generation to make Pakistan more productive and competitive, thus reimbursing to the society via social and professional development.

    Graduated from University of Peshawar (BBA-1983) and Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad (MBA-1986); Successfully completed training in Financial and Economic Analysis of Projects under Ministry of Production in 1989; Recommended for Commission in Pakistan Air Force by 1SSB in 1989; New Century Award, The Barons 500, USA, 1999; Member, Millennium Edition, The Marquis’s who’s who in the World2000. Attended International trainings and symposia organized by International Faculty of Finance (IFF) London, Ernst & Young Dubai and such other institutions as part of CPE (continuous professional education). Wrote research papers on implications of debt spreads and its correlation to economies when gulf-states entered international debt and sukuk markets.
    Primary interests include promoting education and employment in remote areas and supporting welfare activities in under-developed sectors of the society.

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