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  • 20th Board meeting of NPO held on 19th Feb 2016 at NPO Head Office Islamabad


    The following members attended the meeting:-

    Sr #NameDesignationOrganization
    i) Dr. Kamran Moosa Chairman Chief Executive, PIQC
    ii) Mr. Abdur Razzaq Gauhar Independent Director Chief Executive, Infinity Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore
    iii) Engr. Maqsood Pervaiz Independent Director Chief Executive, TKM Enterprises, Peshawar
    iv) Mr. M. Ibrahim Shah Independent Director Chief Executive, Sunehri Builders, Baluchistan
    v) Mr. Shafqat-ur-Rehman Ranjha Exofficio/Director Additional Secretary MoIP
    vi) Mr. Arshad Ahmad Exofficio/Director Sr. Joint Secretary / Financial Advisor (Industries/ Cabinet/ Foreign Affairs), Islamabad
    vii) Dr. Nadeem Amjad Exofficio/Director Member NRD, Chairman, PARC
    viii) Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khattak CEO/Exofficio National Productivity Organization, Pakistan
      Mr. Amjad Shamim, Corporate Secretary National Productivity Organization, Pakistan

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