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  • NPO in collaboration with IFC has organized a training for Naran Hotels Association on 30th May 2016 at Naran


    The National Productivity Organization (NPO) in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Business Edge® has organized a training workshop on “Saving Cost in the Accommodation Business” for Naran Hotels Association on 30th May 2016 at Naran. Seth Mattiullah, President,Naran Hotels Association praised the initiative of NPO and IFC for organizing the training at Naran and highlighted that such training is organized for the first time in the history of Naran. He said that government should focus on the development of tourism in the Naran/Kaghan and provide basic facilities for the local community.

    In the opening session Mr. Zafar Ullah from NPO briefed about the IFC Business Edge® and its services for the development of SMEs. He also informed about the topics of Business Edge® that are designed specifically for the development of tourism sector. He told that government is very serious about the development of tourism in Pakistan and this training is the first step of NPO for contributing in this objective. He said that NPO would also like to organize such trainings in future in collaboration with the Naran Hotel Association.

    Mr. Babar Shehzad, Manager from a leading hotel chain delivered the training sessions. He engaged participants through different practical activities which helped them in learning the opportunities for saving the costs in various areas. Participants insisted for organizing trainings in the areas of housekeeping, frontdesk management, communication and leadership skills etc. They also raised a few issues that needs to be addressed by the government on urgent basis e.g unavailability of electricity and natural gas and implication of taxes throughout theyear which is hampering their businesses.

    Mr. Khurshid, owner of a leading hotel told that local hotel community is not well aware of international best practices that are used in the hoteling industry. Therefore, there is a dire need to organize a series of such training for the development of their staff. At the end Mr. Zafar and mr. Babar appreciated active participation by the association members and making the training successful. They also hoped that such trainings should be organized in future as well and support of the local community and their commitment will be required to make them successful.

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