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  • Workshop on Development of Pakistan Productivity, Quality and Innovation (PQI) Framework on 10-11 January, 2017.


    Workshop on Development of Pakistan Productivity, Quality and Innovation (PQI) Framework on 10-11 January, 2017.

    Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform (MoPD&R) in collaboration with the National Productivity Organization (NPO), Pakistan has organized the workshop on Development of Pakistan Productivity, Quality and Innovation (PQI) Framework on 10-11 January, 2017 at MoPD&R.

    Honorable Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Prof. Ahsan Iqbal inaugurated the workshop. During his inaugural address he said that productivity, quality and innovation are the core conditions to achieve competitiveness and key driver of economic growth and development. Focus on productivity, quality and innovation can help in addressing economic, social and global challenges. He also acknowledged sincere efforts of government and said that it is playing a key role in fostering a sound environment for productivity, quality and innovation, helping overcome current challenges. Therefore, the Government intends to declare year 2017 as the year of productivity, quality and innovation to become competitive in the international market. The minister stressed to work harder, better and smarter henceforth.

    Pakistan Vision 2025 has been developed to foster a culture of change and transformation in the overall development of Pakistan that could be characterized by unprecedented change. There is a great need for us to create new opportunities by utilizing our strengths, said the minister. Pakistan’s untapped potential calls for optimism whereby Pakistan could emerge as an economic power if resources generated, managed and used efficiently, added the minister.

    Prof. Ahsan Iqbal said that PQI would significantly contribute to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable growth while promoting competitiveness in the country. He emphasized the need for synergies among government, academia and private sector to achieve PQI objectives. In a paradigm shift towards competiveness within the regional countries, the minister concluded that today could be the best time to launch productivity, quality and innovation initiative based on the concept of inclusive, shared and environmentally-responsible growth.

    The minister thanked Dr. Woon Kin Chung, former CEO Singapore Productivity Centre, for coming to Pakistan for the Development of Pakistan Productivity, Quality & Innovation Framework. The minister had sought assistance for development of the Framework during his visit to the Secretary General of Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Japan in October 2016. 

    Federal Secretary, Ministry of Industries & Production (MoI&P), Mr. Khizar Hayat Gondal chaired the session for the first day of the workshop. Mr. Gondal is also the Chairman of the PQI Core Committee. In a welcome note, Mr. Gondal emphasized the importance of productivity, quality and innovation in changing the living standard of public at large via enhanced GDP. He further added that industrial sector of Pakistan could not capitalize on the concepts of PQI in production processes. Moreover the Secretary stressed for human resource capacity building in the present day digital markets. Towards the end he appreciated Dr. Woon Kin Chung for his enriched presentation.

    Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khattak, CEO, National Productivity Organization (NPO) and member of the PQI Core Committee, gave welcome note on the second day of the workshop. Mr. Khattak appreciated all participants some of whom had travelled long distances to join the workshop. He thanked participants for their valuable inputs in developing a comprehensive framework for productivity, quality and innovation drive in Pakistan.  

    Prof. Dr. Atta Ullah Shah, Vice Chancellor of City University, Peshawar chaired session on the second day of the workshop. He emphasized that transformation to a knowledge based economy requires extensive efforts and, more importantly, cooperation among economic stakeholders. Towards the conclusion of the second day, Dr. Atta Ullah Shah summarized the contributions and inputs from different institutions and individuals during the workshop.

    Federal Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform (MoPD&R), Mr. Yousaf Naseem Khokhar, during his closing remarks thanked the chair Dr. Atta Ullah Shah for his synopsis of the today's workshop and highlighted the importance of collaboration among stakeholders. He said that the primary role of MoPD&R was to invite all stakeholders to a common platform thus assisting in developing Pakistan Productivity, Quality and Innovation Framework. This framework, once implemented, is expected to improve Pakistan’s economic development.

    The workshop was attended by policy makers from the government, representatives from academia and other relevant stakeholders. A number of presentations were also made by the participating institutions. The participants shared their ideas and identified factors of low productivity in Pakistan. They also gave certain recommendations to enable productivity, quality and innovation culture in Pakistan. The workshop was a part of a 2 weeks intensive activities which included multiple consultative meetings to analyze the present situation of Pakistan so that the International Expert could draft a PQI Framework.


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