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  • APO Japan & NPO Pakistan to develop demo companies on Energy Efficiency


    National Productivity Organization (NPO) is working under Ministry of Industries & Production with vision to make Pakistan productive & competitive in all facets of the economy. NPO is also a Liaison Office of Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo, Japan, representing 20 Asian Countries that are committed to quality & productivity improvement. Yoshio Hirayama , Norio Fukshima.

    To cater with current energy gap and global environmental issues, NPO launched Green Productivity campaign (Energy Efficiency) in 2005 in collaboration with national and international organizations especially with APO, established Green Productivity Center (GPC) to make the activities sustainable. GPC has served almost 280 clients till date to enhance resource efficiency (water, energy, materials), reduce per unit production cost and decrease CO2 emissions. As a result of NPO Energy Efficiency services, up to 10% saving potential have been identified and more than 800 technical staff is trained through class room/shop floor trainings

    In continuation of the above the APO with the support of NPO has planned development of Demonstration Companies on Energy Efficiency &Conservation. The program is of high value, especially because its benefit is not only cost reduction but also increases awareness about energy efficiency & conservation,changes mindset of employees and sets related guidelines for formulating an energy policy.

    The establishment of demonstration companies not only disseminates techniques for energy conservation to individual companies but also encourages similar efforts by SMEs and public & private-sector organizations throughout the country. The demonstration companies will share examples of its applications of energy management tools and techniques as well as the results it achieved nationwide.

    Experts from Japan will lead the programs and share Japan’s energy-efficiency schemes, best practices and technologies that contribute to a sustainable development.

    The mission will visit leading Pakistani companies including Serena Hotel Islamabad which exemplifies showing interest in energy efficiency, it will provide business-matching &networking opportunities for companies taking part in the program and participants of upcoming conference. The main objective of the mission is to share energy-efficiency best practices and examine its applicability in participating companies. However, strong commitment from top management is a key success factor in this project

    The CEO, NPO appreciating the support of the APO and government of Japan; said that energy is a major cost component for organizations in all sectors of the economy. Industries, commercial, large building complexes and public utilities can accrue substantial savings in energy bills by adopting energy efficient techniques, systems, and technologies in their processes and facilities, to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases resulting in long-term environmental problems like global warming and climate change, which are against the principles of sustainable development.

    The CEO, NPO also appreciated the participating companies’ interest &understanding regarding the energy conservation and its need for their business profit, positive image and clean environment which is becoming an important integrated part country’s economic growth. 


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