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  • National Productivity Organization (NPO) hosted the APO-NPO Conference on Energy Efficiency and Conservation at the Serena Hotel


    The National Productivity Organization (NPO) hosted the APO-NPO Conference on Energy Efficiency and Conservation at the Serena Hotel. The conference shared the progress of the Green Productivity Campaign, an energy efficiency campaign attempting to address the current energy gap and global environmental challenges through the creation of demonstration companies.

    Mian Asad Hayaud Din, Secretary, Ministry of Industries and Production, was the chief guest at the occasion. With the Green Productivity Campaign, APO enhanced the capacities of Demonstration Companies in energy conservation and efficiency resulting in reductions in cost, changes in the mindset of employees and laying the groundwork for the formulation of an energy policy. Serena Hotels, along with Pakistan Engineering Company Limited (PECO) and Asian Food Industries Limited, were selected as the demonstration companies.

    NPO in collaboration with the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and other national and international organizations developed the capacities of the demonstration companies to enhance resource efficiency, reduce per unit production cost and decrease CO2 emissions. As a result of the intervention, up to 10% saving potential has been identified and more than 800 technical staff has been trained through class room and/or shop floor trainings.

    Serena Hotels is collaborating with NPO and APO to develop a case study on energy efficiency and conservation with the support of Japanese experts and the NPO Green Productivity Center. Experts from Japan led the program, sharing Japan’s energy-efficiency schemes, best practices and technologies thereby contributing to sustainable development.

    The demonstration companies will disseminate techniques for energy conservation to individual companies and encourages similar efforts by SMEs and public and private-sector organizations throughout the country. The demonstration companies will share examples of applications of energy management tools and techniques as well as the results achieved nationwide.

    During the course of the campaign, The NPO-APO teams visited Islamabad Serena Hotel and Serena Business Complex multiple times making expert recommendations that were implemented at Serena.
    The Hotel is committed to improving and preserving the environment. Responsible natural resource management has always been one of the top priorities of Serena Hotels.

    Therefore, as the business expands, Serena Hotels will continue to inculcate ecologically sustainable policies by focusing on projects related to climate change, air emissions, the carbon footprint and most importantly water and energy conservation. Serena Hotels is compliant with several important international standards, such as the ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

    The demonstration companies appreciated the efforts of the campaign as industries, commercial entities, large building complexes and public utilities can accrue substantial savings in energy bills by adopting energy efficient techniques, systems, and technologies in their processes and facilities and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Environmentally responsible business practices also create a positive image of the company.

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