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Our work and services has been appreciated by the Industry. Given Below is a list of a few of them.

1 Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited Unit 1
2 Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited Unit 2
3 Anmol Textile Mills Ltd
4 Amjad Textile Mills Ltd
5 Bilal Fibers limited
6 Chiragh Textile Mills Ltd
7 Dewan Farooque Spinning Mills Ltd Unit 1.
8 Dewan Farooque Spinning Mills Ltd Unit 2.
9 Ejaz Spinning Mills Limited
10 Imperial Textile Mills Ltd
11 Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Limited
12 Island Textile Mills Ltd
13 Jamhoor Textile Mills Ltd
14 Khalid Shafique Spinning mills Ltd.
15 Monnoowal Textile Mills Limited
16 Nishat Mills Limited
17 Naveena Group
18 Naveena Industries
19 Nadeem Textile Mills Ltd
20 Nagina Cotton Mills Ltd
21 Olympia blended Fiber Mills ltd
22 Premium Textile Unit 1,2,3
23 Shadman Cotton Mills Limited
24 Salfi Textile Mills Limited
25 Shadab textile Mills Limited
26 Shafi Texcel
27 Surajb Cotton Mills Limited
28 Sargodha Spinning Mills Limited
29 Sun Rays Textile Mills Ltd