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We have enabled over 200 nos. large and leading Industrial undertaking through out country, to suitably reduce their Energy Cost. Annual profit gets increased proportionately. It may please be appreciated that % increase in annual profit is very sharp. It can be concluded that we have provided our services to all types of Industries. We cover all types of Energy. We trust that you will prefer to suitably cut your Energy Cost and would find us to be most suitable and trust worthy consulting firm, to enable you to achieve your objective. Please click on the below categories to have a look at Our Clientele.


1 Nadeem Textile Mills Limited
2 Premium Textile Mills Limited (Unit 1)
3 Premium Textile Mills Limited (Unit 2)
4 Premium Textile Mills Limited (Unit 3)
5 Shadman Cotton Mills
6 Shafi Spinning Mills Limited
7 Crescent Fibers Limited
8 Quality Textile Mills Limited
9 Naveena Exports Limited
10 Dewan Farooq Spinning Mills Limited
11 Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Company
12 Chiragh Textile Mills (pvt) Limited
13 Din Textile Mills Limited (Unit # 2)
14 Style Textile pvt Limited
15 Island Textile Mills Limited
16 Nishat Mills Limited
17 Multan Spinning Mills Limited
18 Sally Textile Mills
19 C.A. Textile Mill
20 Sargodha Spinning Mills
21 Suraj Spinning Mill
22 Olympia Spinning & Weaving Mills
23 Nagra Spinning Mills
24 Dar es Salam Textile Mills
25 Crescent Textile Mills
26 Ashiana Cotton Products
27 Inter Loop (pvt) Limited
28 Colony Mills Multan
29 Standard Spinning Mills
30 Ali Asghar Textile Mills
31 Nagina Cotton Mills
32 Ihsan Cotton Products
33 Fazal Cloth Mills
34 Salfi Textile Mills Limited Unit 2
35 Salfi Textile Mills Limited Unit 1
36 AA Spinning Mills Limited
37 Acro Textile Mills Limited
38 Riaz Textile Mills Limited
39 Shahnawaz Textiles Limited
40 North Star Textiles Limited
41 Khalid Shafique Spinning Mills Limited
42 Ejaz Spinning Mills Limited
43 ICC Textiles Limited
44 Akram Cotton Mills Limited
45 Amjad Textile Mills Limited
46 Hira Textile Mills
47 Olympia Blended Fiber Mill Limited
48 Shadab Textile mills limited
49 Ihsan Sons Mills Limited
50 Shafi Texcel Limited