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Encouraged by Our Customers and also to enable various Industries to further cut their energy cost; (to improve their profitability), we provide following services to you.

a) Detailed Energy Audit - for Energy Saving.
b) Follow up / trouble shooting / Monitoring services.
c) Detailed Project Report and arrangement of finance for Capital Intensive Projects for Energy Saving.
d) Implementation of Energy Saving Projects - based upon % of saving achieved.
e) Training Programme for Staff and Operators.
f) Reduction in Maintenance Cost.



We always ensure that each recommendation are:-

a) On most practical lines to ensure smooth implementation.
b) On sound economical consideration.
c) We have latest generation instruments to carryout energy Audit.
d) We make dedicated efforts to achieve very-broad acceptance for various recommendations.
e) We enable management team to develop ACTION PLAN for IMPLEMENTATION.



We undertake Pre-Audit-Visit to your plant, to understand your exact requirement. The objective of this visit would be as following:

a) To explain our METHODOLOHY for ENERGY SAVING.
b) To understand your exact requirement.
c) To have a glimpse of your Plant & also to collect necessary operating-data regarding PREVAILING energy consumption Pattern.
d) Expected contribution by our efforts.
e) All technical as well as commercial details to carryout the assignment.

On hearing from you; one of our Consultant, will visit your plant, for the detail discussion as specified above.
We do not charge any technical fees for such visits except for actual Travelling expenses for one Consultant & lodging and boarding during Pre-Audit-Visit.
We feel you would definitely like to cut your energy cost. Please entrust this challenge to us. We shall be pleased to visit your plant to understand your exact requirement.