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Research & Benchmarking

Analytical and diagnostic research of various sectors of economy is an imperative support for our training and consultancy programs. We believe that our research facilities can generate data and informed decisions on training needs that must be met. We therefore conduct independent and collaborative research activities to develop Sectoral Productivity Indicators and Indices, Total Factor Productivity Indicators and undertake independent demand-driven sectoral researches for P&Q culture.

  • Performance Of The Manufacturing Sector In Pakistan
  • Status Of Existing Technical Training Facilities In Pakistan-A Case Study Of Public Sector Institutions
  • Performance Of Seven Selected Export Oriented Manufacturing Sectors In Pakistan
  • Benchmarking In Cotton Spinning Sector
  • Why Are Pakistan's Sme's Bank Shy
  • Productivity & Quality Enhancement In Weaving Sector
  • Vital Productivity Indicators of Pakistan's Manufacturing Sectors
  • Vital Productivity Statistics Of Apo Member Countries
  • Micro Finance - Legal & Regulatory Environment (A Country Report)