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  • Productivity Benchmarking Study of Textile Industry


    Pakistan's Ministry of Textiles has inked a Pk Rs. 9.2 million agreement with the National Productivity Organization (NPO) functioning under the Ministry of Industries for carrying out productivity benchmarking study of textile sub-sectors like ginning, knit stitching, knit processing, so as to award them parity with international norms.

    With a firm commitment of ascertaining quality norms for the textile industry, NPO Chief Executive Officer Khawaja Muhammad Yousuf and Secretary of Ministry of Textiles Shahid Rashid inked the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations, in presence of Federal Minister for Textile Makhdoom Shahabudin.

    The project is expected to prove helpful in ascertaining the current level of competitiveness of the Pakistani industry in comparison with other global industries, particularly those of India, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam.

    Several foreign experts, who visited Pakistan to aid project implementation, disseminated total productivity maintenance amongst industrialists and productivity practitioners.

    As the study kicks off it would mandate expert teams of NPO to encourage best practices and monitor them for a pre-determined period so as to ensure quality balance.

    Focusing on the factors affecting the sectors competitiveness, the study would help the textile policy makers and industrialists in deciding the future course of action for the industry.

    Interested companies from Textile Industries can apply by downloading application form here, and submit applications by October 12,2012

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