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Improving Competitiveness through Sustainable National Productivity (SNP)

Most of the Asian developed countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, etc. started their competitiveness journey by initiating productivity movement in their countries for widespread understanding and cost effective improvements. They used different techniques beginning with the awareness drive and leading to implementing shop floor level education, QCC schemes, benchmarking, awards, etc. based on universally accepted standards encouraging organizations to strengthen their management systems and capabilities to enhance their competitiveness and productivity, helping them to become world-class industry.

In order to reinvigorate the concept of Productivity in Pakistan, it was decided to launch a Productivity Movement as successfully done in other countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan. For instance, The Productivity Movement in Singapore went through three stages: awareness (1981-85), action (1986-88), and ownership (1989-90s).

NPO has therefore launched a PSDP funded project as 1st Productivity Movement of Pakistan under the project titled “Improving Competitiveness through Sustainable National Productivity (SNP)”. Keeping in view the International Benchmarks and Practices project is designed the be executed in 4 Stages. The current PSDP project is the awareness stage launched in July 2021.

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