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MIS Department is a support department of National Productivity Organization (NPO) that is working to enhance the informational infrastructure, allowing greater interoperability and management of equipment by providing state of the art IT infrastructure, hassle free environment and user friendly interfaces. It also facilitate the process of storage, retrieval, manipulation, transmission or receipt of digital data.

Prime objectives of MIS Department:

  • To provide IT support services to its internal customers & take necessary initiatives
  • To promote NPO by providing online / Web based services to external customers
  • To take necessary initiatives for promoting the use of IT to enhance workplace efficiency & promote paperless environment within the workplace
  • To take new initiatives for generating activities and assist NPO in meeting the global challenges

Functions of MIS Department:

  • ICT Projects Management
  • Website Administration
  • Employees Intranet Management
  • LAN & WAN Administration
  • System Administration
  • Email Marketing
  • Centralized Certificates Management