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Integrated Rural Development Program

The experiences of National Productivity Organization (NPO) over the last four years have shown that productivity/management concepts and tools are undoubtedly useful for sustainable community development. Thus, NPO stands for Productivity enhancement, quality improvement and adapting innovative practices in all the major sectors of the economy. At the same time, NPO also believes that the issue of productivity has to be tackled at the grass roots level. Therefore, recognizing the importance of development at the grass-root level and considering the fact that approximately 70% of the human capital is inhabited in the rural areas of the country, the NPO – Pakistan has adopted a strategy of targeting selected rural communities to empower the local communities and promote productivity related measures. This is done under Integrated Rural Development Programs. A brief of the same is given below:

NPO's model of integrated rural development is based on empowerment of rural communities through skill development. The objective is to promote a holistic and dynamic process, through which local people will continuously improve their productivity, and consequently, the quality of their lives through efficient and sustainable utilization of internal and external resources, knowledge sharing, leveraging on each others capabilities.