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Abdul Razak Dawood
Advisor to Prime Minister
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Azher Ali Choudhry
Federal Secretary,
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Abdul Ghaffar Khattak
Chief Executive Officer,
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"United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan"

National Productivity Organization

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Additional Secretary MoI&P and CEO NPO represented Pakistan in the APO Sustainable Productivity Summit and Strategic Planning Workshop from 10-12 Tokyo, Japan ... More »

NPO organized APO Training Program on Training of Trainers in Green Productivity ... More »

NPO organized National Conference on Promoting Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Enhancing Food Value Chains (FVCs)... More »

CEO NPO, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khattak represented Pakistan in the workshop on Strategic Foresight Capability Building in Public Sector from 5 - 8 June 2018 in Tokyo, Japan... More »

Federal Secretary / APO Director, Ministry of Industries & Production, Mr. Mian Asad Hayaud Din represented Pakistan in the 60th Session of the APO Governing Body Meeting (GBM) in Lao PDR from May 8-10, 2018... More »

Upcoming Training Programs

National Training Programs:

Global Food Safety Trends: Application of Advanced Technologies (through Video Conference), 17-Dec-2018, Rawalpindi... More »

Train the Trainers, 18-Dec-2018, Islamabad... More »

International Training Programs:

19-IN-36-GE-WSP-A: APO Development Workshop for Practitioners of Business Excellence...More »

19-AG-09-GE-WSP-B: Workshop on Accelerating Agribusiness Startups...More »

17-IN-82-GE-WSP-A: Workshop and Practitioners' Group Meeting on Standardization of Industrial Automation...More »

19-IN-80-GE-WSP-B: Workshop on Developing Standards for Smart Cities...More »

19-RP-25-GE-CON-B: Forum on Disruptive Technologies and Technology-driven Productivity ...More »

19-IN-51-GE-WSP-A: Workshop on Accountable Governance for Productivity Growth and Competitiveness...More »

19-1N-41-GE-TRC-A: Training of Trainers on Smart Service and Technology for the Health Sector...More »

18-AG-47-GE/SPP-OSM-A: Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Sustainable Food Value Chains...More »

19-AG-14-GE-WSP-B: Workshop on Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture ...More »

19-IN-71-GE-WSP-A: Workshop on Advanced Performance Management for Modern Public-sector Organizations ...More »

18-AG-56-GE/SPP-OSM-B: Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Advanced Postharvest Handling Technologies...More »

International e-Learning Programs:

Global Food Safety Trends: Application of Advanced Technologies...More »

Self-learning e-Course:

17-AG-23 -GE-DLN-A-02: Self-leaming e-Course on Agribusiness Management (Advanced)...More »

17-IN-06-GE-DLN-A-07: Self-leaming e-Course on Smart Manufacturing (Basic)...More »

17-IN-06-GE-DLN-A-09: Self-leaming e-Course on the Energy Management System Auditors' Course...More »

17-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-01: Self-Learning E-Course on Organic Agriculture and Organic Agribusiness...More »

18-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-05: Self-Learning E-Course on Business Models for Women Entrepreneurs...More »

18-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-04: Self-Learning E-Course on Future Food: Exploring Business Opportunities...More »

18-IN-06-GE-DLN-A-01: Self-learning e-Course on Energy Efficiency Techniques...More »

18-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-06: Self-Learning E-Course on Smart Farm Mechanization...More »

18-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-02:Self-learning e-Course on Urban Agriculture ...More »

18-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-03: Self-learning e-Course on Building Climate Change-resilient Agriculture...More »

National Productivity Organization (NPO) is the sole Government body undertaking PRODUCTIVITY with QUALITY INITIATIVES in Pakistan. NPO promotes enhancement of productivity culture in Public and Private sector Organization by providing training, seminars, workshops, consultancy, release of index surveys, qualification certification, promotion of a comprehensive understanding of energy and the environment, research on productivities.     read more »

CEO Message :   The rapid pace of globalization, increasing competition for investment and integration of global supply chains put premium on the ability of all actors in Pakistan economy to move into the phase of high value addition. Productivity enhancement presently is a key for our survival in international market.
Keeping in view the global challenges, NPO is striving to promote productivity and quality in almost all sector of the Pakistan economy. NPO aspires to move Pakistan into the phase of high value addition through its services. On one hand through research and consultancy services we are improving institutional factors of overall productivity. On the other hand through training and incubation services we are working on supply side factors of productivity.
Currently efficient/developed economies in the world generate much more GDP than least efficient/developed countries with the same amount of energy. NPO through its energy audits services have identified substantial energy saving possibilities by recommending world's best practices in energy usage.
Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khattak (CEO, NPO Pakistan) .View Profile »